Moving from Los Dos to Via Baci


Change does not come easily in the Porter home. For those of you who know us, you know we have a teenage daughter Abby with Prader-willi syndrome.  One major thing that Abby can’t manage well is change and when it occurs, a meltdown is likely. If you remember the movie Rain Man, imagine what would […]

Handbid is Easy! Checkout this impromptu testimonial

I happened to be at the Erin’s Hope for Friends Gala this past weekend and was helping them with checkout when this nice couple came by.  They had already paid on their phone but wanted to confirm something on their receipt. While I was looking up the info, they started to rave about their experience. […]

Before Handbid, There Was This [VIDEO]

Jeff and Kari Porter founded PWSA Colorado back in 2004 to help families impacted by Prader-Willi syndrome in the Rocky Mountain Region.  A year later, in support of their efforts, they converted their annual Derby Party into a fundraiser. In a matter of years, that one event has grown from a small gathering at their house […]

An Effective Silent Auction Starts With Change

Change is hard to embrace. We are creatures of habit who hang on to the familiar. After all, familiarity is comfortable. But, are you in danger of missing the next big opportunity because you’re stuck in your ways? At Handbid, we see a lot of charities struggle with change,  with the idea of teetering on the edge or trying […]

3 Bid-Worthy Auction Items

  It’s safe to say we’ve experienced a lot of auctions in our time. Trust us, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. It’s why we love to share our observations and tips with you! One question we get a lot is simple: “What items do especially well at auctions?” […]